Under Fire Miniatures news and updates

Under Fire Miniatures September Updates

With the Summer Sale now over customers can look forward to a wide range of new releases...

First up will be a set of WW II greatcoated Germans, pushing a 20mm FLAK gun. This pack will make a very nice diorama set and will soon be placed in the online store.

In the process of being sculpted are final parts of the last years 20mm sized Arab/Israeli commission that I and a third party have been working on in the form of a M47 Dragon ATGM team for the Israelis & a AT-3 Sagger team for the Syrians. Given the high quality of the sculpting work put into these commissions I'm really looking forward to seeing how these teams turn out.

Also in 20mm will be a 6 man pack of RhSAS for my range of Rhodesian Bush War figures, plus a three man gun crew to go with the 20mm ground mounted cannon that this unit used for op's.

I hope to have these figures released by the middle of October, in time for the last quarter of the year and final part of the U.K. show season.

Finally, in 28mm, 16 x 'Cold War Gone Hot' Russian Motor Rifle troops are being done. Once released, customers will then have enough packs available to make up a complete MRR platoon with RPKs, or PKMs. This commission is just the beginning of a major expansion of my 28mm Cold War lines, with 80's US Army & Russians in one piece camo suits planned for next year.