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Under Fire Miniatures October Updates

October sees the release of the latest set of WW II greatcoated Germans. This is an eight figure set posed pushing a 20mm FLAK gun.Well...three figures are moving the weapon, one sits in the gunners seat, three are wrangling the ammo tins and the eighth directs is a ''go there'' kind of way.

Off to be master moulded  are my latest set of 20mm sculpts which will eventually become Syrian Arab Army & IDF atgm teams, a pack of Rhodesian SAS & a RhSAS team firing a ground mounted 20mm cannon. All things being equal these will be released early to mid November.

Under Fire Miniatures will also be attending Fiasco 2017, a wargaming show to be held on Sunday the 29th of October at the New Dock Hall, Tower Armouries, Leeds West Yorkshire. Doors will open at ten am & I hope to see you then.

Below is a photo of some of the Rhodesian SAS sculpts & below that is a photo of WW II Germans 18.

All the above figures & sculpts are scaled for use in 20mm games and wikll be cast out of white metal.

RhSAS troopers.

Six RhSAS troopers. Three with RPDs, two with AK74s & one with a SLR & Trilux sight.

Germans 18

Gun not included, just the figures.