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Under Fire Miniatures November Updates

      Mid November sees the release of the long awaited range of 20mm Rhodesian SAS packs. There are two packs to begin with and a third, 20mm cannon & crew, being prepared.

     Pack 1 has 3 figures, a small pack & a bergan with stowed RPG-7. Two of the SAS troopers are armed with AK47 assault rifles, whilst the third has an SLR, upon which is mounted a Trilux sight.

      Pack 2 also has three figures and a small pack plus bergan with stowed RPG-7. This time around they are armed with Soviet era RPD light machine guns.

     A link to the online store where these packs can be bought is below, along with their photographs.


    Rhodesian Special Air Service 1: AK47 / SLR


     Rhodesian Special Air Service 2: RPD