UFM Late November/Early December updates


From being 'all quiet on the UFM front' it's now 'all hands on deck'.

First up, Under Fire Miniatures will be attending the RECON 2018 Wargames show in Pudsey, West Yorkshire, on December 1st. It'll be the last show of the year, so drop by for a chat and see what we have on offer. 

We have new releases too...

Just released onto the 28mm Online store are the final elements of my 'Cold War' 28mm US Army range. Four new figures have been released along with an atgm team. I've also moved figures between packs to make them more balanced. Now players have what they need to put together an early 80's platoon.

 Photo & link to the online store below.


For games sized for 20mm there's the final pack in the new 20mm Kreigsmarine range. This is a 5 figure signals pack and contains a radio team, messenger, guard and telephonist.

 Photo & link to the online store below.