May to June 2019 Updates


There's not much to report on at the moment other than planning for the next commission has been started. It'll be a mix of 20 & 28mm packs with more 28mm Rhodesian Bush War and 20mm BAOR on the 'to do' list. Watch this space for further details.

In terms of new releases, a MMG team for my range of 20mm Westerplatte Poles will be released in June and two more 1/72 Warrior conversion kits will go live later this month. These will be the Royal Artillery MAOV and the internal detail kits. 

Below is a photo of a Revell 1/72 Warrior kit with the Up Armour & Section Vehicle conversion kits already applied to it. These are already available to buy from the online store, a link to which cab be found underneath the photo.

 All figures are cast out of vulcanized black rubber moulds using white metal and are scaled for use in 20, or 28, mm games as appropriate and Warrior conversion kits are a mix of resin and white metal. If people have any questions they'd like to ask I will happily answer them.