Under Fire Miniatures news and updates

     Welcome to Under Fire Miniatures. We are a company selling 20 & 28mm scale figures for wargamers, modelers & collectors. Ranges cover World War II to the Present Day and will be added to as and when the production moulds come on line.

     April Updates

     Last year I made a promise to an old friend to commission a pack of figures based around the British Battalion of the International Brigades which fought in the '36 to '39 Spanish Civil War. This promise has been fulfilled in the form of a 5-man LMG team. This new pack has one team leader directing fire, two prone figures putting rounds downrange and two figures manouvering at speed. I hope you like them.

     In other news, off to be production moulded are the next two packs of 1982 Syrians. One packs is a command pack with an officer, RTO, marksman and 2 NCOs. The other is a 5 figures packs of moving, or firing poses. I hope to have these out in late April, early May.

     Also, the final parts of my current commission, in the form of two 28mm West German Polizei packs and more 20mm FAPLA packs, is about to be completed. I hope to release these over May to July.

     Watch this space and social media for updates on what is being released and when.