Under Fire Miniatures news and updates

     Welcome to Under Fire Miniatures. We are a company selling 20 & 28mm scale figures for wargamers, modelers & collectors. Ranges cover World War II to the Present Day and will be added to as and when the production moulds come on line.

     November/December update.

     Newly released for the month of November are two new packs for the newly named '1982 IDF & Syrians' range of figures, formally known as 1982 'Peace in Galilee'. One pack is a set of 5 IDF soldiers armed with Galil assault rifles and carrying M72 LAWs, a radio, under barrel grenade launcher and suppresed weapon. The other pack is of five Syrian Arab Army soldiers, for use in defense of the Bekaa Valley, or the Damascus - Beruit road games. They carry AK7s, an RPD & a RPG-7. All have helmets and wear a mix of warpac and chicom webbing.

      Later in December there will be a release of a Milan ATGM team for the 28mm range of Bundeswehr figures, a Spanish Civil War LMG team and two packs of Angolan government troops for use in South West Africa games.