September 2019 Updates


At the moment it's a case of watch this space. My latest set of 28mm resins are about to land and the list of 20mm sculpts has been submitted. Once the resins have been mastered they'll be put up on the store for pre order in the form of...

1/ 28mm US Army 6: 4 man fire team with shotgun & M47 'Dragon' atgm.

2/ 28mm RMR 5: A BG-15 ugl themed pack of four figures.

3/ 28mm RhSAS 3: 81mm medium mortar team.

4/ 28mm ZANLA 1: A two man ZANLA RPG-2 team and two riflemen.

5/ 28mm ZANLA 2: A four man RPD/command team feat the dreaded POOM'ing stick !!

 All production packs are cast out of vulcanized black rubber moulds using white metal and are scaled for use in 20, or 28, mm games as appropriate, whilst the Warrior conversion kits are a mix of resin and white metal. If people have any questions they'd like to ask I will happily answer them.