Under Fire Miniatures late May news & updates



Mid June news and updates

 With the successful release of the new range of 20mm BAOR figures, next up will be a brand new range of 28mm Cold War in Europe US Army packs. There will be three packs in all which will enable a gamer to field a squad with two fire teams and a command element, with future commissions to add platoon command and Dragon ATGM packs.

Also to be released is a four man Rhodesian SAS pack and support packs for the 20mm BAOR & RhSAS ranges. The sculpts will be landing in late June, so watch this space for photo's and updates. 


The admin bit 

Earlier on in the year increases in the cost of posting orders abroad caused a rise in prices to overseas customers. Initially, I only increased the prices on my 20mm packs but must now do the same to my 28mm ranges and, due to increased in country postage charges, UK customers. 

These increases will go live on July 1st in two weeks time.


All 28mm figures & crew served weapons increase by 10 pence per figure, or weapon.

UK only

 20mm figures will go up in price by 5 pence per figure, crew served weapon, or terrain piece.

I will happily answer any questions customers have on these forthcoming price increases.