January updates


Christmas sale extended !

Yes ! The Christmas sale has been extended to midday GMT on Tuesday 22nd of January.

This is how it works...

An order of £25.00p - £49.99p will get a 10% refund.

An order of £50.00p - £99.99p will get a 15% refund.

An order of £100.00p - 149.99p will get a 20% refund.

and finally...

Any order of £150.00p plus will get a 25% refund.

You place your order, as normal, and I will refund the appropriate ammount via PayPal.

If people have any questions I will happily answer them.


Out now...

RhSAS 2: Stick 2 & RhSAS 3: 60mm Mortar.

Follow the below link to the online store and see what you think.