Under Fire Miniatures January news and updates


Whats coming next   

 With the Christmas sale now over, it's time to look forward to future developments and commissions. Next up will be a commission for 20mm scaled British Army of the Rhine (BAOR), circa 1980's. To begin with, there will be two infantry packs, a platoon command pack and a SFMG pack. There will also be more 28mm sets, which will include the first pack(s) in my forthcoming Cold War Gone Hot range of US Army figures.

Also being released over the next six weeks will be the final pack of 28mm Cold War Russians, containing a NCO, rifleman and two PKM Lmg gunners.

The third pack of RhSAS figures, who will be manning a .50cal heavy machine gun will also be released.

The admin bit 

 Sadly, I'm going to have to put up some of my prices. This has been caused by the increasing cost of postage to Europe and the rest of the world. All figures going to Europe and the rest of the world will increase by 5p per figure with the increase going live on the 1st of February.