Under Fire Miniatures news and updates

     Welcome to Under Fire Miniatures. We are a company selling 20 & 28mm scale figures for wargamers, modelers & collectors. Ranges cover World War II to the Present Day and will be added to as and when the production moulds come on line.

     August Update

     Not much to report this month other than Under Fire Miniatures will be attending The Other Partizan 2016, at it's new venue at the George Stephenson Pavilion on the Newark showground, Newark, the U.K. It'll be the first time Under Fire is attending at this new venue and we are really looking forward to it. Please feel free to come up and have a chat. A link to the show can be found below...


 Also, work has been started on the next commission list, to go in later on this month. It'll include a Milan ATGM team for the 28mm Bundeswehr and 1982 era Syrian commandos amongst other things. As progress develops I'll keep you updated.

     That's it for the moment. If you, the viewing public, have any questions please email me and I will answer as soon as I can.


     Orders for the U.K. will be with customers within 28 days. Europe & worldwide may take longer. Postage is included in the price. Please ensure you select the correct option for your location. If you don't choose a location from the list provided your order will be refunded. All orders are sent via Royal Mail. Second class for orders in the U.K. Standard air mail to the E.U. and Rest of World. If you wish to make alternative arrangements feel free to email me on the subject. Please be aware that these models are made from white metal, they should not be considered toys and as such are not suitable for children.


     Please remember to select the correct U.K. , Europe , or Rest of World option when making your purchase. If by accident you don't I shall PayPal you for the difference & once it has been paid your order will then be posted out to you.



      Bill (Under Fire Miniatures).