World War 2 Kreigsmarine 20mm scale online store

Kreigsmarine 1: Command team.

A WW2 Kreigsmarine command element. It contains an officer figure peering through binoculars, a rating with a slung rangefinder and an other rating kneeling/operating a rangefinder.

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Kreigsmarine 2: Naval LMG team.

This is a 5 man Kreigsmarine LMG team : 5 x figures, all of whom wear naval rig. Contains 1 x naval nco/team leader, an MG-34 gunner, a loader and 2 ammunition bearers.

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Kreigsmarine 3: Naval MMG team.

This is a 6 man Kreigsmarine MMG team : There are 6 figures in all. Two are the gunner and loader, who are manning a MG-08 MMG. Three others are ammunition handlers, whilst the sith figure is the team commander, who is kneeling/peering through binoculars.


Kreigsmarine 4: Naval 20mm FLAK team.

This is an 8 man FLAK team: The figures have been sculpted as though firing a 20mm FLAK 30 light anti aircraft gun. The pack contains a team leader, gunner & loader, 2 ammunition handlers, 2 ammunition carriers and a rangefinder operator.

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