What's on the Under Fire to do list.   

Coming Soon... 

 1/ 28mm Cold War US Army: Soon to be released, a squad of early 80's US Army

     infantry in canvas covered helmets & ALICE webbing. There will be two fire teams,

     a section command team and the figures will be armed with M16A1s, or the M60,

     as appropriate. Two figures will also have M203 under barrel grenade launchers. 


2/ 28mm Rhodesian SAS: This will be a four figure pack containing two figures

    armed with the AK47 assault rifle and two with RPD belt fed LMGs.


3/ 20mm BAOR & RhSAS: The new range of 20mm BAOR packs will get some crew 

    served support in the form of a sustained fire machine gun (SFMG) and the RhSAS

    will get a 60mm light mortar.


4/ Going forward: I am hoping to release further BAOR crew served weapons and

    round out existing 20mm ranges before concentrating Under Fire's development

    efforts on new and existing 28 mm ranges.