What's on the Under Fire to do list.   

Coming Soon... 

1/ 20mm British Army of the Rhine

This represent the main 20mm project for Under Fire in 2018. First up will be 15 to 20 figures, enough to make a full rifle platoon.

They will be followed by...

2/ 20mm crew served weapons

Milan atgm, medium mortar and SFMG packs will be commissioned for the above BAOR range of figures. Milan crews for the Syrian Arab Army of 1982 and modern Kurdish Peshmerga will also be commissioned. SADF, 32 Btn & UNITA too.

3/ 28mm ???

I will be commissioning more 28mm figures in spring 2018. Current proposals include Rhodesian SAS, 80's US Army in Europe, Baader Meinhof, 80's Spetznaz, or more West German Polizei.