What's on the Under Fire to do list.   

Coming Soon...

1/28mm Cold War US Army: Six new figures for this, my latest 28mm, range have been commissioned to enable a gamer to put together a Cold War US Army platoon for the late 70's to early 80's. The new figures will include a 2 man M47 'Dragon' atgm team along with four new infantry figures. I've not been happy with the pack layout for my current 28mm US range, so there will be some swapping around of figures.

 2/28mm RhSAS: A new set of prone, or kneeling, RhSAS troopers to compliment the existing pack, along with a 2 man 60mm light mortar team.

 3/28mm Selous Scouts: A four figure pack of Selous Scouts out on an op. three are African staff, the fourth is European staff.

4/20mm Milan teams a go go: With a new 20mm Milan atgm post being created I decided to commission a series of crews to go with it. There'll be a 3 figure BAOR team and 2 figure '03-'09 British, Kurdish and '82 Syrian teams.

 5/20mm other stuff : A Westerplatte MMG loader, to enable me to release a Polish MMG team and four more BAOR figures in prone, or a kneeling pose.